Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gold Tango

Since I arrived in Melbourne 18 months ago, I think I have discovered a new truly amazing band every month or so on average. Honestly, I think I could make a good stab at naming 18 Melbourne bands who are as good those in any other city in the world, I'm not going to though.

Gold Tango are the latest to come out of nowhere and kick my ass. I know pretty much nothing about them, except that they're on the flawless Exo Records, consist of two girls and a guy from such Melbournian underground institutions as Flesh vs. Venom and the one track they have up on their Myspace sounds like These Are Powers having a panic attack. 'Telescope' reminds me of all kinds of things but mostly of a more urgent Excepter, all careering rhythms and Cab Vol. electronics with the breathy female vocals accentuating the claustrophobia ingrained in the track. They have some shows coming up in September and October (but hopefully sooner) and are recording Telescope and other tracks for a 7" or a series of split 7"s, or something. Like I said, I know nothing about them - but I'm sure that won't be the case for very long.

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