Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hiatus///April Podcast - Tantrums

I have decided to put this blog on hiatus until I am able to return the magical land of Oz. I started this with the intention of covering the most interesting//inspiring//esoteric elements of the Melbourne music scene and as I have said before, over my two years in Melbourne I was discovering something new and truly exciting on a frighteningly regular basis. However, stuck as I am back in Belfast for the next few months, I feel there is not much point continuing to try and keep up with a scene from which I now could not be more removed and therefore think it makes sense to put the blog on hold until such time that the Australian Department of Immigration decides that I'm not a threat to national security. As something of a codicil though, I will quickly summarize blogs which might have been.

- No Zu are probably the best band I've heard coming out of anywhere in the last few months, sounding like Arrington De Dionyso gatecrashed the Bush of Ghosts sessions.
- Caught Ship are evolving beautifully by the sounds of the new tracks up on their Myspace. Catch these guys live and fucking dance!
- I'll be ordering a few copies of Rat vs. Possum's debut album, Daughter of Sunshine this week. I must have saw the band play twenty times last year so really looking forward to hearing these songs on record.
- I never once heard of Jonny Telafone while living in Australia but stumbled across him as soon as I came home. A mixture of the very zeitgeisty dark-wave currently doing the rounds and love-lorn bedroom pop, it's strangely addictive stuff and all available to download for free here.
- Dam-Funk is playing in the Roxanne next month - do not miss that shit, hipcats.

As a final order of business, co-stars of the very first post on this blog and one of my favorite bands and people, the Tantrums have very kindly put together a podcast that will move your feet and tickle your ribs - thanks Tanties!

'An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump'

Willy Wonka's Psychedelic Boat Ride 0:00
Liars: Grown Men Don't Fall in the River, Just Like That 1:12
Bon Chat Bon Rat: Nowhere Paradise 4:17
Caribou: Hello Hammerheads 7:24
Seefeel: Spangle (featuring fight club dialogue) 10:00
Efterklang : Step Aside 17:20
Throbbing Gristle Interview 21:54
Clark: Growls Garden23:20
American beauty dialogue 27:57
UNKLE: Heaven28:20
Apparat: Arcadia 35:19
Charles Spearin: The Happiness Project 40:03
Document Swell: Dust Infauna 40:27
Seekae: Long Time Fish Pie 44:37
Xavier De Rosnay (Justice) 48:25
Health: Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) 48:35
Old Skull: Homeless 52:36
Absolute Boys: Minimal Wage 52:56
Children Of Men Dialogue 56:43
Elapse-O: Island 57:00
Jeff Buckley interview 1:02:00
Mum: Weeping Rock, Rock 1:03:33
Clerks 2 Dialogue 1:09:49
Wristcutters Dialogue 1:10:00
Ace Ventura Dialogue 1:10:46

See you all soon. x