Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sex Worker

So, no posts in over a week, there goes my loose new year's resolution to update at least twice a week. Anyway, this week I finally got round to listening to Daniel from Black Eyes and Mi Ami's new solo project, Sex Worker. The Labor of Love is three tracks of hypnotic, vaguely krautish soundscapes, layered and fucked with many times over and harnessed by Daniel's distinctive caterwaul. I guess it's vaguely reminiscent of Emeralds or High Wolf and although those guys test my patience, this is completely addictive. The project is intended to raise awareness of the human sex trade and although I can't see it myself, apparently each track is a lamentation on the industry and those enslaved by it. Which of course is very worthy and commendable. Individually designed LPs out now through the indomitable Not Not Fun.

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