Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simo Soo//Keith! Party//Mickey Gloss//Deformative DJs

This is going to be a FUN gig, and it's in the Pony which rarely has FUN gigs.

Simo Soo is a bit of an oddball from Sydney playing Ipod-overdriven, attention-deficit noise-pop, I've been looking forward to catching him for awhile. Keith! Party are the perfect compliment to Simo's idiosyncratic noise and are debuting a new live DJ in Fletch. Mickey Gloss, also from Sydney, will be opening up proceedings but I know pretty much nothing about them, sorry. I'll be providing toons between bands and for a bit after until whoever the 2am monkeys are this week take over.

Oh, and apparently it's all going out live here - FUN!

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